A Pet Portrait Pricing Guide

What factors go into how a pet portrait is priced?

  1. Size of the painting
    Paintings are priced by time. Smaller portraits require less time.


    11 x 14” oil painting on panel will start at $650

    18 x 20” oil painting on panel will start at $950

    Typically, the larger the painting, the more time it takes, so paintings are priced largely according to the dimensions.

  2. Material Costs
    Regardless of its size, your painting will be created using the finest archival materials, ensuring it will never yellow or crack over a lifetime. I only use light-fast super premium oil pigments, and every painting leaving my studio will be glazed to protect it from sunlight, and small scratches.

    Material costs can vary, depending on the surface selected.

    My basic paintings are priced upon on primed 1/8” masonite panel, making it very easy to frame. However, it should be noted that all panel paintings will require some framing after it’s finished in order to hang on a wall.

    Depending on your personal aesthetic (and the environment in which you will display the painting) you may opt for a painting done on primed linen canvas, mounted on 1” stretcher bars. This enables the painting to be hung directly on a wall, without a frame.

    Additionally, you may prefer the more polished look of a “floater” frame on stretched canvas, allowing for the canvas edges to be seen, yet with a deeper profile depth and finished edge of a frame.

    Canvases stretched on primed, premium-quality Belgian linen are typically more expensive, increasing material costs over my basic paintings by as much as $100.

    Regardless, before ever starting your painting, we alway will discuss the canvas and sizing options available to you. Depending on the composition of your subject matter, I may provide you with a general size recommendation, should you be open to it.

  3. Complexity of the painting
    Most paintings will be pretty straight forward, however it should be noted there are occasional exceptions to this.

    One example of a more complicated painting, would be a painting with two dogs. It would require more time to render the expressions of two dogs in a single painting, hence it would require more time, which would be reflected in how your portrait is priced.

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